Joachim is a CA state board Licensed Acupuncturist. 

Acupuncture in woodland HillsHe was raised in France until the age of ten and then moved to Los Angeles, California were he attended local schools in the Calabasas and Woodland Hills area before beginning his undergraduate at Pierce College.

He attended Emperor’s College in Santa Monica for four years of Graduate school from which he earned his Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine and graduated Cum Laude. Over the course of two years he tended to over 400 patients in the Emperor’s College Clinic as well as an externship at the UCLA Student Health and Wellness Center.

His journey into alternative medicine began as a child in France, where his mother would treat the family using homeopathic medicine, local folk medicine as well as energetic work.  As a student of martial arts, he became acquainted with chi (The subtle energy that flows throughout the body). To further understand this energy and how it functioned in the body would be the driving force to learning Acupuncture and how to heal with Traditional Oriental Medicine.



Marque Acupuncture is a short distance from and caters to Calabasas, Canoga Park, Lost Hills,  West Hills, Woodland Hills, Warner Center, Tarzana, Reseda and Sherman oaks.


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