So what is it good for?                   Acupuncture teaching aid at Marque Acupuncture in canoga Park

Below are a few conditions commonly treated by you local Licensed Acupuncturist.


*Arthritis                       *Back Pain                          *Neck Pain

*Knee pain                   *Muscle Pain                       *Muscle Weakness

*Muscle Cramping       *Sciatica                             *Musculoskeletal Injury

*Numbness / paralysis  *Tendonitis                       *Athletic Performance

*Post-Operative Pain    *Abdominal Pain             


*Constipation      *Indigestion     *Gastrointestinal disorders       *Diarrhea  

BREATHING –                            

*Allergies                      *Asthma               *Cough / Bronchitis


*Colds / Influenza        *Rhinitis               *Sinusitis

*Headache                    *Migraines           *Dizziness   

*Urinary dysfunction                 


*Gynecological disorders       *Menopausal discomfort      *Infertility     *Pre-menstrual Syndrome    


*Sexual dysfunction           


 *Depression        *Fatigue       *Insomnia       *Anxiety               

* Blood  Pressure Regulation       *Nervousness          *Neurosis        

*Immune system deficiency

*Smoking Cessation                *Addiction Control Cessation

The Nei-ching- “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic” written in 200BC states;

“To cure a disease after it has appeared is like digging a well when one already feels thirsty or forging weapons after war has already begun.”

Many patients look into Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental medicine as an alternative to Western Medicine, as a last hope of relief when all else has lacked results or when the side effects of their current treatment outweighs the gains.

Don’t wait to be thirsty!





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